Old School RS: Achieving 1-99 Thieving Skill Guide 2024 (2024)

Old School RS (OSRS) is a game that thrives on diverse skill sets, and thieving is no exception. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, understanding the intricacies of thieving can significantly impact your overall gaming experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know to take your thieving skills from level 1 to 99. This guide provides a thorough walkthrough of the fastest pathway to level 99, alternative methods, essential unlocks, and profitable techniques to maximize your gains.

The Importance of Thieving

Before delving into the guide, let's understand why thieving is a crucial skill to invest time and effort into. Thieving levels are essential for unlocking various quests in OSRS, including significant ones like the Legends Quest, Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness 2, and Dragon Slayer 2. To achieve the coveted quest cape, you need a thieving level of 64, while a level 91 is necessary for the Achievement Diary Cape.

Furthermore, high thieving levels unlock some of the best OSRS money-making methods in the game, such as pickpocketing elves for up to three million coins per hour. Thieving proves to be a fast and profitable skill, taking around 60 hours to reach level 99 if you follow the guide's fastest pathway.

Essential Unlocks and Equipment

To optimize your thieving experience, several essential unlocks and equipment should be taken advantage of. The Ardougne Diaries, particularly the medium and hard diaries, increase your success rate when pickpocketing, enhancing your overall experience point (XP) rates. Additionally, acquiring level 54 Hunter allows you to wear Gloves of Silence, providing a 5% increase in pickpocketing success rate.

Dodgy necklaces play a crucial role in thieving efficiency by offering a 25% chance to avoid getting stunned when a pickpocket attempt fails. Combined with the Shadow Veil spell from the Arceuus Spellbook, which provides a 15% chance to avoid stunning, you can significantly enhance your XP rates while pickpocketing.

For the dedicated thieving enthusiast, obtaining the Rogue's Outfit from the Rogue's Den Mini-Game is highly recommended. Wearing the full set increases your chances of getting double loot when pickpocketing, making it a valuable asset on your journey to level 99.

The Fastest Pathway to 99 Thieving

The guide outlines a meticulous pathway to efficiently train your thieving skill from level 1 to 99. It emphasizes the importance of focus and dedication during the fastest pathway, making it crucial for players to be prepared for an intensive training experience. Additionally, the guide suggests incorporating alternative methods, such as questing and profitable activities, to break the monotony of the fastest pathway.

Questing for Early Thieving Levels

Questing is an efficient way to kickstart your thieving journey, especially for lower levels. The guide highlights 26 quests in OSRS that provide thieving XP as a reward. Low-level players can swiftly progress from level 1 to 20 by completing quests like Biohazard, Hazeel Cult, and Fight Arena, which have minimal requirements.

From levels 1 to 5

Players can start by pickpocketing men or women in various cities around RuneScape. Using the menu entry swapper plugin on RuneLite allows players to set the left-click option to pickpocket, streamlining the process.

Bakery Stalls and Fruit Stalls (Levels 5-25)

At level 5, the guide recommends transitioning to Bakery Stalls in the Ardougne market for the best experience. To reach level 25, players can expect to spend approximately 30 minutes pickpocketing at Bakery Stalls. Fruit Stalls in the Hosidius House become the optimal choice from levels 25 to 45, offering the best XP per hour until the next training method is unlocked.

Blackjacking in Pollnivneach (Levels 45-91)

The most efficient method from levels 45 to 91 is blackjacking in Pollnivneach. The guide provides details on the location and strategy, emphasizing the importance of having a blackjack and bringing necessary supplies such as food or coins to unnote items. The process involves luring and trapping bandits in houses, ensuring a smooth and focused training experience.

Pyramid Plunder (Levels 91-99)

Upon reaching level 91, players unlock Pyramid Plunder as the fastest XP method. The guide details the strategy for optimal XP rates, emphasizing looting everything in the final room and as much as possible in the second-last room. With this approach, players can expect to achieve 270k XP per hour, making the journey from level 91 to 99 thieving approximately 26 hours.

Alternative Methods and Profitable Techniques

Understanding that blackjacking can be highly click-intensive, the guide suggests alternative methods to diversify training. These include:

1. Artifacts in Piscarilius House (Levels 49-65): Stealing artifacts in the Piscarilius House becomes viable at level 49 with 75% Piscarilius favor.While this method is faster than blackjacking up to level 65, beginners may experience slower XP rates.

2. Ardougne Knights (Levels 55+): Ardougne Knights offer a less attention-demanding alternative. Utilizing dodgy necklaces and the Shadow Veil spell, players can enjoy a more relaxed thieving experience. The guide suggests joining clans like "thieving host" or using Splash worlds to locate Ardougne Knights conveniently.

3. Pyramid Plunder (Levels 71+): For players looking for a balance between speed and profitability, Pyramid Plunder is a viable alternative from level 71. The strategy involves looting all items in the highest possible room and maximizing gains in the second-highest room.

Profitable Thieving Methods

The guide also explores profitable thieving methods that yield decent XP rates alongside monetary gains. These include:

1. Master Farmers (Level 38+): At level 38, players can start pickpocketing Master Farmers, acquiring a variety of seeds as loot. The profitability significantly increases at level 94 thieving with the completion of the hard Ardougne diary, ensuring a 100% success rate.

2. Vyres (Level 82+): After completing the "Sins of the Father" quest at level 82 thieving, players can pickpocket Vyres. There's a one in five thousand chance of obtaining a blood shard when successfully thieving, with the drop rate doubled when wearing the full Rogue Outfit.

3. Elves (Level 85+): At level 85 thieving and completion of "Song of the Elves," players can pickpocket elves. Although the XP rates are slower compared to Vyres, there's a one in 1024 chance of receiving an enhanced Crystal teleport seed, with the drop rate doubled by the Rogue's Outfit.

Mastering thieving in Old School RuneScape is a journey filled with strategic choices, efficient training methods, and a balance between speed and profitability. RSorder's comprehensive guide offers a roadmap from level 1 to 99, ensuring that players can optimize their thieving skills while enjoying diverse activities in the game.

For more guides and all the latest news about Old School RS, check out RSorder.

Old School RS: Achieving 1-99 Thieving Skill Guide 2024 (2024)


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